Welcome to OCVID

OpenCV Integrated Development Environment

OCVID was born from a desire to make learning with OpenCV a lot easier; instead of having to go through the effort and pain of finding and installing a version of python and opencv as well as some test files and look up some basic tutorial code, I wanted to bundle it all so you could do one download/install and get straight into it.

Furthermore, I hope this can grow into a handy prototyping tool and code reference, an easy way to quickly hammer out an opencv frame filter.


Currently there’s just a basic shell of an interface which can be installed on Windows or run on Linux. But you can’t actually do anything with it. More to come! :)

Current features

GUI with a text input field, an input frame and an output frame. No major GUI additions planned - this should be what the final one looks like; the only thing that might need to be captured is a “record” button / filename, as well as a way to report runtime errors (output frame overlay?)

Planned features



Vision Builder

Note: This is currently just a v2.0 pipedream – expect in a deep future release.

How can I help?

I truly hope this system helps you in your learning, teaching or development.

If there are any features you want or bugs you found, feel free to raise an issue.

Otherwise, you can also contact me directly

Finally, if you want to help support development, or just show your thanks, buy me a coffee below :). If you include a message with a bug or feature request I’ll make sure to prioritise it!